Who’s who?


ACC-8544BWe wanted to tell you about the people in this photo. You’ll recognise the Lord Provost and we are extremely grateful for his support.  You’ll spot the children and young people from our 9 local schools. Amazing to have every school taking part!

But who are the others?

At the front is John Tough. He is a member of Legion Scotland and one of the 49 names on the BOD War memorial is his uncle. Private John ‘Jack’ Tough died during the third phase of the Battle of the Somme in northern France on September 22, 1916, aged 19. Private Tough had emigrated to Canada but joined the 2nd Battalion of the Canadian Infantry and was deployed back to Europe. He is buried in the 2nd Canadian Cemetery near Contalmaison, a few miles from the River Somme. It’s been fascinating to learn about Private Tough, what an amazing link to make! Thank you Mr Tough for coming along and sharing about your uncle.


There are two other gentlemen in the photo. Their names are Matt and Fred, they’re the chair and president of the Oldmachar Branch of Legion Scotland and they are brilliant! They are a vital part of BOD Remembers and we are so grateful for all their support, encouragement and hard work. It’s been such a pleasure to meet them and get to know them and hopefully through this project be an encouragement to them and the Legion. We’re discovering how much the Legion is doing in our community. Please watch out for Matt and Fred, and other members of the Legion, during this Remembrance period and say a massive thank you to them. They very much deserve it!


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