Why should we remember?

Our church assembly theme at Braehead was “Why should we remember?’.

We tested our memories with a ‘kim’s game’ before hearing the Bible story of Joshua and the Israelites crossing the river Jordan. God miraculously made a path for them through the river and they were all able to safely cross. God then told Joshua to create a stone memorial in the middle of the river so every time they passed the river they remembered what He had done for them.

We had a Joshua, some priests carrying the ark of the covenant and everyone else did a great job of being the River Jordan!

We thought about why it was important for the Israelites to remember. There were lots of great answers. “So they didn’t forget God.” “So they would remember that He loved them” “That if something was hard in the future they would remember to ask God for help”.

Then the children were asked what are we as a community remembering about this year? We showed them their beautiful school wreath. They all knew we are remembering WW1 in particular because it is 100 years since it ended.

Lastly we thought about “why should we remember WW1?” Everyone had an idea. “because people died” “because it was horrible” “because our country would be different if it had ended differently” “so we can remember how horrible wars are”.


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