Balgownie War Memorial Names

There are 49 names on the Bridge of Don War Memorial. 44 of them are from WW1. Over the next few months as part of our BOD Remembers project children from all the schools will be doing their best to find out more about them. Can you help? Do you have any information on these people? If you do please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you



PTE.  H.  JAMIESON          GORDONS       SGT L/C C. MITCHELL               R.A.F.V.R.

2ND OFF E. MITCHELL        M.N.                BOY G. STEPHEN                    M.N.

A/B G. STEWART              R.N.V.R            L/STO J. SUTHERLAND            R.N.

CAPT J.E. CROMBIE          GORDONS       C.S.M. F.R. ROBB                     A&SH

SGT W. KIDD                     GORDONS       CPL W. MILNE                         GORDONS

L/CPL J.G. JAMIESON       GORDONS       L/CPL A.M. MILNE                  GORDONS

L/CPL N.W. SMITH           AUSTRALIA      L/CPL A. STEPHEN                  H.L.I.

PTE R. BUSHBY                 GORDONS       PTE J. EWEN                            GORDONS

PTE C. FORBES                  GORDONS       PTE F. GIBB  M.M.                  GORDONS

PTE. W. McDONALD         GORDONS       PTE W.A. MILNE                     GORDONS

PTE J.N. SHEPHERD          GORDONS       PTE R. SMITH                          GORDONS

PTE C.T. STEWART            GORDONS       PTE L. WILSON                        GORDONS

PTE A. BRANDIE                H.L.I.                PTE J. BROWN                        R.F.A.

PTE W. FRASER                 P.O.RIFLES       PTE J. SCOTT                           M.C.C.

PTE A. CUMMING            CANADA         PTE W.C. FORBES                   CANADA

PTE D. HENDERSON         CANADA         PTE J. TOUGH                         CANADA

PTE F. YEOMAN                CANADA         PTE J.B. SIM                            AUSTRALIA

A/B J.G. FORBES               R.N.                 A/B J. HENDERSON                R.N.

A/B W. SHEPHERD           R.N.                 A/B J.S. THOMSON                R.N.

L/BDR A.J. BROCK            R.A.                 SURG LT H. BRUCE                  R.N.

P.O  W. COWIE                 R.N.R.              BOY J. CRAIG                          R.N.

P/O W.A. CRUICKSHANK RAF VR             O.D. W.A.C. DOW                  R.N.



SIGN G. FINDLAY              RGS                 P.O R.A. GOODLAD                R.N.V.R

C.P.O. G.M. HENDERSON R.N.                 LT W.J. HOWITT                     GORDONS


1952 KOREA


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